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Heupink & Bloemen Tabak BV is located in Ootmarsum, the Netherlands. We are producers of a large variety of tobacco products for the international market. We offer products like cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, roll-your-own tobacco and tobacco related articles.


While our activities focus mainly on the European market, we also manage the export of our products to many other countries in the world.


At Heupink & Bloemen Tabak BV, we accepted that smoking can be risky. We strongly believe that smoking cigarettes and roll-your-own should only be for adult consumers who are aware of the risks. Therefore our marketing is not about persuading people to smoke. It is about meeting the demands of adult consumers who do choose to smoke, and about differentiating our brands from those of our competitors.

Heupink & Bloemen Tabak

De Mors 120

P.O. Box 9


The Netherlands


Tel: +31 541 282980

Fax: +31 541 293185



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